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The Maple Leafs NEED to make a trade!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 12 มี.ค. 2022
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  • Andrew Piluk Hockey

    Let me rant and be mad for one video lol.. I feel better now. Have a great night everyone!

  • Your Local Legend

    I completely agree with the Simmonds segment, he's past his prime and brings very little to the fourth line. If the Leafs don't make a move or start winning games soon, then it's likely they will drop down to a wild card spot.

  • canadianroot

    Good rant. Needed to be said. Agree with everything. It's about time someone called Simmons' play what it is. Everyone seems so afraid to criticize the guy. His best days are long gone. Dubas needs to step up to the plate and get some deals done. We're going nowhere with this team if he pulls a Gillick (stand pat).

  • Ax18
    Ax18  +21

    I hope you're now convinced that Liljegren has no business being in the lineup. I told you so.

  • Oranges?
    Oranges?  +11

    I don’t think I’ve been more upset from a game before. And that includes the playoffs

  • Rob B
    Rob B  +9

    Finally a video where someone says it like it is. Thanks for speaking the truth, its not a rant if you're pointing out the hard cold truth. Fans needs to wake up and take notice of how pro hockey is played.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Year after year the leafs lack heart. The team acts like it's one big hang out session and forget there's a game to be played. Until big changes are made the leafs will always be a regular season team.

  • Henry Bartholomew Dinglenut

    all confidence in this team gone. Startling to feel like a losing team even tho our record is still good. It’s just no fun watching the leafs play hockey right now.

  • Joey Gagnon

    Need to make a big trade right now!!!!


    I'm liking how Tavares is hitting more. But you're right the team needs a mix up.

  • Kulraj S

    I love the passion Andrew! There’s nothing wrong with telling it like it is.

  • Options96
    Options96  +11

    Chara would be available from the Islanders for a 3rd round at most. His presence in front of the net alone would give Leaf players more space. Yes his points have come down but he has had a positive plus/minus ratio since 2007-2008

  • Jackson Chafe

    Ya know what.. you nailed it on the head. This team has no heart. Theres one thing to have the swagger and the confidence to go out and dominate your opponents, but thats not gonna be enough, and were all seeing it with this team. Yeah, great, Matty got 45 G’s, but is that gonna put you past the first round and into a eventual playoff push? No sir.

  • Justin Riley

    This team has zero heart. You nailed it Andrew

  • Old Man
    Old Man  +3

    Well said. None of the fans would mind losing if they played their best. The lack of heart is infuriating.

  • jaden ippersiel

    Leafs should make a bunch of trades with the Islanders.

  • Isaiah Pessanha

    I’ve been watching some of your videos recently and just subscribed, this is my favourite one so far I totally agree! Thanks for the great content 🙏

  • Sherry House

    Love you man, I was sitting there after the game feeling the same buddy

  • Keith Smith

    I've coached hockey for years...I've got friends who played in the NHL. What I'm about to state is so simple that I'm positive that 100% of u reading this will have to agree , or all ready know that the one thing u need and is essential to win a cup, or at the very least, go deep into the playoffs is.....goaltending and a solid defense. Need I say more. As it looks once again ar this point, its gonna be a short playoffs.

  • GVD Investing

    That game was a classic display of the Leafs heritage since 1967...