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Auston Matthews 51 in 50 RANT!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 12 เม.ย. 2022
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  • Andrew Piluk Hockey

    This video was supposed to go up last night but TH-clips didnt let me lol

  • MG Guy
    MG Guy  +5

    Well said Andrew. You're right about it being a business and they're going to promote what sells.

  • Waders27

    Matthews was the first player to score in 50 goals in a 50 game span since Mario Lemieux. Anyone notice that no one ever argues Lemieux scoring 50 in 50, only Matthews?

  • Justin Baker

    My gut tells me that if the leafs don't get past the first round this time around, this season for Matthews will be a wasted opportunity for Matthews and of course the leafs.

  • Chʀɪsᴛᴏpher Nurvo
    Chʀɪsᴛᴏpher Nurvo 28 วันที่ผ่านมา

    How could he do it if the 1sᴛ 50 when he was Oғғ for the 1sᴛ 20 recovering from surgery?

  • Glen Mcb

    Most people that bad mouth the leafs are not even leaf fans

  • Oranges?

    Watching on the toilet and let me say mid shit… HE SCORED 51 IN 50 GAMES

  • Sarim Kayani

    Your actually a legend

  • Bradley Kirby

    Well said Andrew.

  • Glen Mcb

    I've been waiting for this

  • Maxim Nedosekin

    and what about the whole team TML? Wheres your analysis of how things are going in terms of playoff?

  • Leighland Forsyth

    love your stuff..

  • Matthew Heath

    I am one of the people that has argued about the 50 in 50. I am fine with Leafs saying he scored 51 goals in his last 50 games. What an achievement, no doubt about it, but where I have a problem is saying he did 50 in 50, no he did not. The 50 in 50 club is a club that only 5 players in NHL history that has done it. Saying that he did 50 in 50 is a disrespect to the legends that has actually did the 50 in 50. Whart Auston Matthews should be celebrated, but not as a 50 in 50 member and saying that if someone else did it, I would say the same thing. it is not a leafs thing, it is a 50 in 50 thing.

  • DrDisInfect 😷

    Less then 1% people believe that but let's make big deal about it

  • Nicolas Baldesarra

    Lol it’s just habs fans finding a way to hate on the leafs like always

  • Pifidown

    It's quite simple really... Most people don't like the leafs :P

  • Dave Gray

    Nicely done Andrew. Don't worry about the losers who can't understand the concept of 51 goals in a 50 DAY span!! SMH. They are the same losers who think nylander is a great player. For the record, nylander gave the puck up TWICE last night and BUFFALO scored on BOTH give-aways!!!!! nylander maybe great at something like hair care, but not at hockey.

  • Glen Mcb


  • JumboTv

    I need to get some grapes and chicken.

  • Duke
    Duke  +1

    Leaf goat🐐