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Maple Leafs blow 5-1 lead to the Panthers!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 5 เม.ย. 2022
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  • BW
    BW  +3

    Agree with you Andrew. The Buds didn't want to run up the score and got caught playing "hang on hockey". Their defensive woes and lack of grit are well known through the league. Positive is they just beat Boston, Philly, the Jets, Tampa. Previous game with the Panthers they won. Lets take the positives and move on.

  • jaden ippersiel

    The D pairings should be

  • Peter CPRail8748

    This loss is all on Keefe, his defence has been amazing since trade deadline and he had to put Muzzin and Holl back togther accounting for 4 goals against.

  • B Rodrigues

    Jack was fine. The only goal he let in that I didn't like was the 6th

  • Duke
    Duke  +7

    Muzzin & Holl floating around for 4 Panther goals🙄.....its up to you Keefe, its your job on the line

  • Urman Taqi

    Thanks for this video. We pray for your very fast recovery.

  • Martin Klatt

    Hi Andrew, get well soon. I had Covid in December, it's a bugger! Go Leafs!

  • Paul Elliott

    It is a bad habit, they should be able to close out games when they have a big

  • Noordin Lalji

    How in the hell can you make Lubhuken sit and have holl play. I lost my respect to this coach

  • C_TelKing

    The Leafs problems are all rooted in their utter lack of physicality at crucial points in the game. When it's 5-4 the Leafs have to shift the momentum back in their favor. The easiest way is a big hit along the boards or open ice, at least close the gaps along the boards with a crunch instead of shadowing their man and staring down at the puck all the time. PLAY THE MAN. Body him off the puck, finish your checks and face wash ANYBODY in the blue paint after the whistle. Yes they had a 5th string goalie, but the Leafs do this once a month. And it's not just bad, it's a total meltdown. Fortunately for the Leafs the Panthers have the same defensive issues, maybe worse. Tampa & Boston on the other hand could beat the Leafs into submission in a 7 game series imo. I really don't have a lot of trust in Campbell either. We have a good team, likely the best Leafs team in decades, but they need to sharpen up in the physical element if they want any chance of not being the brunt of every joke next month. Brodie isn't playing well either, shadows his man with literally zero grit like most of them play. And they're playing Keefes system, so if they get dummied physically in the playoffs and lose again, Keefe and Dubas should both lose their jobs.

  • Evan Jones

    Kallgren came back in the bench last night and was good to go keefe said. So I assume there’s no injury

  • evopigeau

    I'm not going to harp on a team that already beat these guys once. Take a break. I'll go for 4-1 anytime. Its time to relax.

  • rivahkillah

    The biggest problem with blowing leads is now no team will give up.

  • Keith Smith

    Hey. As a former OHL player and after listening to other friends ( some who.played in the NHL) we are all in agreement that the Leafs are in for a huge shock. Foots on the pedal... and the eyes are shut, and the brick wall is 3 weeks away. Simply put , these players have never been coached in how to protect a lead Its obvious to the blind, that goaltending ( and defense in general ) is the disease on this team Andvwhat does a disease do?? It spreads . It will infect the offense and zap the confidence out of the forwards . The opposing teams will never give up if their behind in the score.. They have seen what we all have noticed. I kinda think that the goaltending issue , and the result of not getting a playoff experienced goalie ( ie Fleury) will be the downfall of Dubas.

  • Robert Stacey

    Positive thing,7 out 8 points

  • Kulraj S

    Leafs defence need to clear the front of the net. To many Panthers were left untouched in front of both goalies leading to goals. Even thou Lyubushkin can be penalty prone he is the only defence clearing the front of the net.

  • Peter Shields

    okay so what I look at is

  • Matt Smith

    This team is a regular season team. They are built that way. The leafs aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs the end

  • Justin Millett

    Holl should be the 8th-9th dman.

  • Hawkeye

    You can use the exact same title and thumbnail for the inevitable game 7 playoffs loss.