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I was scared to post this.

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 25 ต.ค. 2021
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  • Vedang Adoni

    Man this song's gonna be a bop! It's even better than Light Switch! Like seriously

  • Mephisto Hellson

    I hope I'm not the only one who noticed Charlie holding back his tears the whole time when the song played (you can see him blinking faster as the verse "when I see those tears" is approaching 🥺 I hope he gets over the hurtful memory eventually 🙏

  • Tim J
    Tim J  +908

    You didn't lose a year of your life, you gained a valuable life lesson and turned it into beautiful art....

  • Suhani Bhatnagar

    Can you PLEASEEEEEEE release this album already!!

  • Alfred Freedom Jones

    The “oh oh oh” after serious and hilarious was SO GOOD

  • Pehdn Tene
    Pehdn Tene  +744

    This is just bomb that he is dropping feels like gonna die from the suspense. The way those vocals from the beginning is just unbelievable

  • HER cules
    HER cules  +212

    I am now super excited for this to come out, such powerful words I relate to <3

  • Casey Gholson

    please finish this song charlie!!! I am so addicted to this beat and the lyrics!! I love how creative and talented you are. your one of the best artists in my opinion!!

  • Scott Holden

    He's a talented guy music great I wish him most success with his new album he deserve it

  • Amu Jane TV

    Many people feels comfortable expressing their feelings through music or writing stories

  • jon cantago

    Even though the situation was sad and out there. You've got a gift my friend. And the equipment to create your art & sound.

  • Serena Fournier

    I have a friend who went through a very rough breakup this year that kind of consumed her. I tried to be there for her and support her in the ways I knew how to, but the one thing I could never do was understand exactly what she'd been through. She could tell me the words he said and the things he did but I felt she needed someone who knew what that felt like. She is still feeling the effects of her heartbreak and the toll it took on her life and her relationships with others and I think a song like this would help her know that even though I've never felt the way she has, she isn't alone and her feelings are valid. I wish the world wasn't a place where people feel like it is not ok to feel the way that they feel.

  • Joshy Rae - Novob57

    Love the song. I just instantly got addicted to this whole processing video. Just listening to those beats and I'm about to faint..

  • Steven Hill

    Feel it, been there, seriously going to blow up !!!! You got to DROP IT ….

  • Chayan Basu ✌️

    How can someone breakup with him who is so much loving and caring 😭

  • rebecca
    rebecca  +101

    i want this song to drop nowww it’s beautiful

  • Aiden Madsen

    Charlie puts so much raw emotion and love into his music i thats why i love it

  • Ben P
    Ben P  +10

    Damn, Charlie's next album gonna be number 1. All amazing tracks so far.

  • mr.w
    mr.w  +90

    Yes! Absolutely feeling this, taking Ryan Tedder’s Monthly course so I love this process peak btw…

  • M
    M  +11

    Charlie, wish you would say, "you took a fucking year off my blessed life". Speak blessings into your life. You are so blessed to discover be given such lovely talents.