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Maple Leafs trade for Carter Hutton! More coming?

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 ก.พ. 2022
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  • Toronto Sports Fan3451

    I believe that Mrazek is out the door now. He just isn't consistent enough, even for backup

  • MisterMasterShake

    Thanks for posting this video so quickly! It's a great distraction from the disaster happening on the ice right now. Did Dubas acquire another goalie because he thinks he can play more than one at a time? That might be the only way to help our defense.

  • William
    William  +8

    Maybe he’ll give out the first decent body check for the Leafs in about 3 seasons

  • Brian Galway

    Has Holl played his last game for Leafs? Mrasek now has given up 4 goals. Two he should have stopped.

  • ZZCossack ZZ

    Watching the Habs game Leafs are quickly rounding into playoff form - start ultra-slow for first 2 periods then try and mount a hero comeback. And what was Mrazek thinking on the Caufield goal? He was almost in the corner by the time the puck went in.

  • Richard Van de Gryp

    Hey Andrew keep up the great work, love watching your videos and I am not a Leafs fan, Die hard Blues fan since 1994. I really enjoy your hockey knowledge.

  • Isaac Young

    Could this suggest a trade with marazek involved? (If you get to this later in the video my bad, I’m still at the beginning😂)

  • Andrew Persaud

    Honestly think this is just Dubas building good relations with Arizona and nothing more. They're a team who might have nice assets available in the off-season or years after due to their issues. Leafs are paying for Huttons salary now, but Arizona still gets to use him on their farm team.

  • Darcy Seguin

    I would like to see Toronto trade hutton hutchason and Dermott to Seattle for spicy and one of there goalies

  • Peter CPRail8748

    I wonder if a Campbell or Myrazek deal coming. Petr has been a did and Campbell is being overworked and its showing.

  • Ron Matthews

    Every time any team starts the game hitting,most Leafs instantly disappear into the non physical perimeter areas and that's why they keep losing in the first round of the playoffs.

  • ZZCossack ZZ

    Muzzin incident was pretty scary - looks like he may be out for a while. With concussion history it doesn't look good.

  • Gino R

    The Leafs need Fleury. Our defence leaves the slot exposed. A good goaltender is not going to cut it, we need a great goaltender.

  • Brian Schlaf

    Besides Carter Hutton bad numbers this season and age I don’t mind this trade for the leafs could use him for extra goalie depth and as a AHL goalie and if he doesn’t do well they can easily trade him for future considerations again or a 7th round pick getting back something is better then nothing also if he ends up not re-signing then maybe the Marlies could give him a AHL contract to help the minor league system

  • AZ Sports Guy

    With Hutton still going to Tucson I'm confused why they made the deal unless he's pure insurance.

  • jrgtml67

    So newer, news, Hutton will be loaned to Tuscon (didn't want to be separated from family, thus extra goalie insurance

  • mark garlock

    Carter Hutton can't be any worse than Peter Mrazek and Hutton is a lot cheaper

  • Tom Lomonte

    Final Andrew actual trades to talk about no speculation rumours.

  • Michael
    Michael  +1

    This Leafs game makes me very uncomfortable with the goalie situation.

  • Phil C
    Phil C  +2

    I smell Leafs first round exit, must be smell of spring.