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Sound Bites by Grubhub: Charlie Puth

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 18 พ.ย. 2021
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  • João Pedro


  • shelly shahadat

    Charlie is a legend. His songs will never get old.

  • Jasmine Ko Ko

    Man literally performed for 43mins all by himself with one single instrument. The talent he holds is just out of the roof

  • ChristinaMuggle

    Great show!. Small venues are a great intimate experience the crowd gets to share with you. I really enjoy your interaction with the crowd and how you talk to more than one person. People walk away from the night feeling special because you include them and share with them pieces of you.

  • Debotroee Mallick

    Charlie's soothing voice + Charlie accompanying it with his piano = A COMPLETE CONCERT!!!!

  • susan abad

    I have watched this concert several times already but still could not get enough of it; also I admire the candidness

  • JadeWrite

    How many artists do you know that can perform this way? Solo, no background vocals, with only one instrument providing music, while also playing that one instrument.. he's amazing!

  • Joel-Issac Stevenson

    It’s not fair how likable Charlie actually is like he’s funny, has a perfect personality, talented and good looking!

  • David Froman

    I love how he is being so real, sipping tea, and talking with the audience. He is just a real person! Love this concert

  • maiq
    maiq  +5


  • Dhruv Gautam

    Charlie is a music genius but he is too much underrated😣😣😣

  • Uygra
    Uygra  +4

    I 'm studying with CP concert omg. Somebody should wake me up.

    MERT ÖZER  +460


  • CPuth for life 🤍

    I love when Charlie interact with his fans, talk about his feelings, like he see them like his homies, ur more than just a human Charlie, I love you💝

  • Frida Oropeza

    There is something so charming about Charlie when he talks about music, is like I can see sparkles coming out of his eyes and that big smile is like he is glowing

  • Falsetto Spyder

    Ufff his hair 🥵🥵🥵💕

  • Ninoska Obando

    It's so clear this guy is a complete musical genius, no doubt a little bit about it. But can we talk about his sense of humor? It is ✨impeccable✨ ❤

  • [•`ITZY STAN`•]

    I lovee youuuu 😭😭😭😭💔🔥🔥🔥

  • Gold Glitter

    And some fans who's idols can't even sing without autotune make fun of him.... LMAO 🤣

  • Debalina Kole

    Such a down-to-earth person he is 💚