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Hall fined 5k for punching Lyubushkin! (Maple Leafs news)

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 29 มี.ค. 2022
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  • Gino R
    Gino R  +17

    2 minutes and 5K fine is ridiculous. Minimum 2 game suspension. NHL player safety is a complete joke

  • Ralp Klien

    Great rant Andrew... I feel like the Leafs get screwed at every stage. Yes Austin deserved his suspension but I see the Hall cheap shot was equal to Mathews cross check...

  • Tim's Retirement Journey

    For a lot of those guys $5,000.00 is like $5.00 for normal people. It's a total joke. To me if someone intentionally injures another player they should be suspended until the injured player is back playing. Just my opinion.

  • alex x
    alex x  +8

    the reason the Enforcer role became a thing is because of how the game is called, the refs are biased towards certain teams/players and it needs to change

  • bobFTW A

    Yeah it’s all bs. A sucker punch is now the equivalent of a trowing a glove like the heck is going on. I’m just as pissed Andrew. I love hockey but man these embarrassing calls hurt the game.

  • Daniel J

    If Hall was tossed from the game (which he should've been according to the rules) I would have no problem with the 5k fine. But considering he was not, the NHL has to suspend him at least one game. The lack of consistency within the sport is making me lose some love for the game. For the longest time I thought the NBA had the worst officiating but that doesn't even come close to the shit we've seen from the NHL this season. Utterly embarrassing

  • Dave Sewell

    I totally agree,there has been a lot of missed and bad calls this year,let's make all calls and not let certain teams get away with stupid things. Great rant.

  • Michael Ricci

    Let’s cut to the chase. If Taylor Hall played on a Canadian team he would have been suspended. The standard for suspension of US NHL teams is different than the Canadian teams because of the economics. Suspending an American team would have worked against promotion of hockey in the U.S. market hurting league revenues.

  • Sj Smooth

    I couldn't agree more with this video. I wanted Hall on the Leafs last year, so glad we didn't. Guy is a gutless p.o.s.

  • DorryDorry

    Andrew u said it perfectly keep it up with the vids!!!

  • Andrew W

    I'm with you 100%, the officiating socks and stinks at the same time throughout the league from what I have seen. That suckered punch from what I saw was a hit to a very vulnerable area, namely the temple, this could have killed him and to see that it's considered a inor penalty at ice level is ridiculous and preposterous. The NHL needs to get their poop in a group.

  • Rawlee W

    I think Sheldon Keefe needs to be reminded what we pay Kyle Clifford 1 million dollars a year to do. It's not to score goals! He should of had the green light in that 3rd period.

  • Barber Dean

    Well stated as per your usual Andrew....couldn't agree more with you regarding Hall and the NHL

  • Michael

    Completely agree. I think in that situation where a player is injured and you are ALREADY issuing a roughing call, the refs should be getting together and reviewing the play. That should have been a 5 min major plus 1 game suspension minimum

  • BW
    BW  +3

    Agreed, Matthews should have and did get suspended but Hall should have got at least 2 games as well.

  • Kenneth Ridout

    Andrew your comments are spot on good for you saying it on your podcast 👍

  • Larry Herdman

    This is the NHL rule 46.15 Match Penalty - Any player wearing tape or any other material on his

  • Tom Dixon

    The officiating in the whole league is corrupt. Period.

  • David Emery

    Do the Leafs have anyone in the lineup who is capable of taking a run a Hall in their next meeting? Maybe Clifford, IDK. But that's what needs to happen, and that's how things like this get solved in the NHL - YES even in 2022. The department if player safety isn't your policing force, it's your 4th line guy who sticks up for the team.

  • Jose Duarte

    Andrew good job on the videos