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Maple Leafs trading for JT Miller?

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 ก.พ. 2022
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  • Andrew Piluk Hockey

    Sandin was the one sent down and brought up for cap stuff not Liljegren lol sorry

  • Ty Dwight

    I would love see Luke Schenn and another top 4 dman on the left side as you don’t know how long Muzzin could be out.

  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye  +3

    Yes trading Kerfoot in this deal does make sense. This isn’t just a pure rental. It’s best to move Kerfoot at a time where you’ll get market value as opposed to the summer where another team is doing you a favour to get you out of cap hell. If they can’t entertain the idea of having him come back in the deal just move on.(Don’t confuse that with making Kerfoot as a centrepiece cause yeah that is just funny)

  • easwary thillaiyampalam

    Man i feel for bad for rodion anmirov

  • late
    late  +20

    That is the kind of guy the leafs need also Scott Laughton or Lawson Crouse would do the job. I looked at Boston's team and Simmonds would be 6th in hits- TB and Florida 4th in hits. Simmonds 85 hits Laughton 102 hits Lawson Crouse 135 hits. In the playoffs the leafs need at least 3 forwards and 2 d-men that hit to ware down the other team. That's a big reason why they have lost in the playoffs, they receive all the hits.

  • M Gathers

    I don’t understand why they aren’t addressing the main issue , get rid of Mrazek, cut your losses, trade for Fleury to shore up that back end, add a bottom 6 D man , and go for it. Fleury can be had , he’s a winner , he is what this team needs

  • Raj Desai

    As games are getting tight, you can see the weaknesses in Toronto's games.

  • Everything About Everything

    I wouldn't trade Sandin, but I might release Lilly if the package and player is right. Ditto for Robertson, if, the deal is right.

  • Paolo Ricci

    I'm hoping they shore up the defence 1st. severson dehaan, chariot or Giordano.

  • David Johnstone

    I understand some of your points -- HOWEVER think back to last year where Dubas only added players but didn't clear any roster spots out. So you have more depth but none of that depth can get on the ice. All that does is mean the team on the ice is not any better. Someone does have to go to make room for an improvement in personnel.

  • Kavo

    I see Andrew’s point and he makes some good ones, however I’m not clinging to Kerfoot what so ever. Include him in any trade package for a Miller - Kerfoot isn’t anything remotely special and is overpaid at 3+ mil imo

  • jrgtml67

    Well the fact Muzzin was put on LTIR and the the paper transactions today all for a reason meaning to me...we can get a fwd upgrade and possibly a top 4 D upgrade (if not top 4 then a Schenn etc)

  • jaden ippersiel

    What if the Leafs got Giroux and put him as 2nd centre, JT to the left wing

  • isdasd
    isdasd  +1

    Im glad theres a leafs fan who has some common sense. Other leafs fans are massively undervaluing miller i've seen kerfoot, holl and a 2nd floated around a lot which is absolutely mind blowing how bad that trade is. The leafs are never going to do this trade anyways, it just costs too much to make sense.

  • Keith Binding

    Leafs have enough fire power. They need to get tougher on D. Every year they go out get a forward at the deadline. With this D. 1st Rd exit to the golf course 😂

  • Shawn Stewart

    The cap is next years problem, and potentially for another GM if we don’t get deeper in the playoffs. Take advantage of muzzins money savings and hold him out till the playoffs(hoping he can return)

  • Rob Collects

    if thats what it takes to get Miller, I would not do that for 1.5 years of him. That's crazy consider they ain't winning with Miller anyway. Dubas might do it considering he is done if they don't get out of the 1st round.

  • Deleted User

    JT miller would not be a good pick up. They need a vet D man or 3 that can direct the team on how to clear the front of the net

  • jrgtml67

    I knew this video was coming just ODD Friedman name bombed JT Miller last night, Bruce Boudreau said today basically why would we trade a cornerstone of our team...EF is amazing I trust him saying that we are really in the race for JT M

  • Brandon Puckrin

    What kind of realistic package for Copp and Demelo in Winnipeg?