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Maple Leafs trade talk! Klingberg, Miller!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 25 ก.พ. 2022
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  • Joey Gagnon

    Hey Andy this Joey. I have watched your videos for awhile now and I love them. I'm a huge leafs fan like you and i hope they do a big trade soon.

  • Grant Baechler

    Maybe they should be calling chicago and be looking at Fleury. Trade mrazik ,a prospect and a pick for him.i know he has a certain no trade team but I don't know if the leafs are one of them.

  • john clark

    something that nobody seems to be touching on is the allowable number of contracts that a team can retain. I may be wrong but I think the leafs are at the ceiling of number available...this being 50 allowed. So any acquisitions would have to be player in player out

  • Andrew Persaud

    Bro everytime you drop a video at puck drop about D and F, our goalie is Swiss Cheese! Time to make a video on goalie options lmao

  • late

    Still think the leafs should trade Kerfoot for Scott Laughton. They save 500k in cap space and get a guy who plays the kind of game JT needs on his wing

  • FlightlessxLion

    As a Canucks fan I just don’t see how Miller would work for the leafs. The reason he’s so valuable is because the nucks gave him the chance that NYR and TBL didn’t. Over the past 3 years with the Canucks (which is also why it was the last 3 years compared to marner) he’s been a point per game player because he was given PP1 time, he was given line 1 time he was given the opportunity to be “the guy” and he took that and ran with it now he’s top 15 in the league in points. In Toronto he wouldn’t be “the guy” he’d be reduced to what the NYR and TBL had him as and for the price it would cost the leafs to get him I highly doubt the leafs would get enough value out of him.

  • Justin Millett

    Good defenceman help the goalie and scoring. I’d way rather they go after Chychrun or kleinburg and move Muzzin to the right side. We need one of these 2 players bottom line.

  • jrgtml67

    Miller rumors to us need to stop, I'm not giving up Niemela, Knies, Robertson, a 1st etc..he'd be amazing ya but no we have 2 or 3 holes to plug we just can't

  • Tiash Mitra

    This team is so interesting. Every year we said we need defense. Then after last year's playoffs we all said we needed offense. There are even people saying we neeed goaltending. What we need is both defense and offense. It's gonna cost quite a lot for the leafs to get a good defenseman and a good top 6 forward but it would elevate them to the next level

  • Rob Collects

    Looks like the Leafs need a goalie too now at the deadline. Last night was a joke. Tampa and Florida will eat them alive in the playoffs. This team needs a rebuild.

  • Maclean Classics

    Add Luke Schenn and Phil Kessel...... cheap to aquire, added depth and with our current goaltending, we need to be able to outscore our opponents and win 10-7. (Sarcasm)

  • DinnerBells

    Someone actually wants to play for Buffalo!? 😆

  • Kelly Maxwell

    First of all the game tonight against Detroit up by 5 goals going into the 3rd period, and they let them score 5goals just like that with supposed to be one of the best goalies in the league and the answer for Anderson. This team is fragile and they have no identity of what their known for. They mentally collapse right after they just scored a goal letting teams score right after. They always give up goals at the end of periods and the beginning of the 3rd. That's what they did for the last 3yrs and they are out by the first round of the playoffs. They need two more players that will make this team balanced and complete. A good right handed defense man who has a good shot from the point, 2nd they need a forward with size and grit and determination to win puck battle's and the skills to score. Miller and Klingberg

  • Richard Narine

    how much would the Leafs have to give up for Jakob Chychrun versus what they would need to give up for JT Miller? If you could only choose one, who would it be?

  • C_TelKing

    How about a new goalie coach too? Mrazek and Campbell are a lot better than this.

  • greg kirby

    get luke schenn and they could get chara for cheap = 2 defense.... get max domi for the 3rd or 4th line... also trade for pk suban

  • Maclean Classics

    We need klingberg about as much as we needed Tyson Barrie ..... big strong punishing defensive D please...

  • Channalism

    Klingburg reminds me alot of Barrie , and uhh... that scares me alot

  • Martin Klatt

    Mrazek is 8 wins 4 losses, Campbell is 23 wins 8 loses. No need to hit the panic button in net. They need defense. Stay at home defense with grit. One or 2 like maybe Schenn and another.

  • TheCanonMedia

    real fans get turned off from the league after a leafs loss... i feel you lol. Even the fantasy doesnt get checked as much