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“That’s hilarious” idea

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 11 ต.ค. 2021
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  • Marjha Finol

    You’re a genius !!! CANT WAIT FOR THIS RECORD TO BE DONE

  • MS Fayas

    This guy is just casually making some “GONNA BE A HIT” songs …😱🤯🤯🥰

  • Irdina Fatin

    I've been replaying this short for hundrends of times, it's just so good. Can't wait for the real one to come out

  • Joshua Moore

    This guy could write a album in a day

  • Keagan Krieger

    Yesss!! It’s finally out. I love it!!

  • Dan Black
    Dan Black  +205

    I'm so hoping this comes out soon I can't even, it sounds like such a beautiful song 😭

  • Souparna Roy

    You can tell what a genius he is by the way the music comes so easily to him.

  • Silly_Duckling

    I need this on my Spotify playlist!!!! Can’t wait for it to come out

  • Anshul Kumar

    We really want this song in next album....Its just another bop no doubt..

  • samyvids
    samyvids  +359

    This man is so talented! I can't wait to hear this entire album soon!

  • 26Toshio
    26Toshio  +37

    I just smile whenever I bump into his shorts sharing his ideas for possible singles. He is just awesome 👌

  • 너다
    너다  +21


  • zeeyaaa
    zeeyaaa  +214

    This makes me appreciate songs more. The guy's a freaking genius

  • Grace Punay

    Would love this in an actual song. Cant wait to hear this officially

  • Mehezabin Sultana

    I need this to be released

  • Percy UwU
    Percy UwU  +30

    I love how excited he always gets over his own songs


    I feel the same energy as you!!!! Can’t wait for this to come out!❤️

  • Tiktok | Skincare routine

    We need the full version

  • Furquan Smith

    Come on we need a release of this song ❤️

  • 김진현
    김진현 วันที่ผ่านมา

    ㅠㅜ 겁나 조아