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Maple Leafs trade coming soon!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 15 ก.พ. 2022
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  • Robert Ferguson

    I feel bad for Ritchie. I really was hoping he’d sorta break out. With the Leafs. Are we now seeing why the Leafs selected Nylander over Ritchie? Hope a team had some use for him and he has an excellent rest of the way!

  • disgustedvet

    The only advantage to adding Chiarot would be it might keep him from crosschecking Matthews .

  • Richard Narine

    I still like Scott Mayfield - right shot D man, big, plays well in his zone, okay at moving the puck, has an affordable contract, and he's on a team not going to the playoffs, so asking price "might" be affordable. Collin Miller is not a bad option either.

  • Owen Durkin

    The only toughness that Toronto needs to add is on the back end. A right shot D to bump Holl down to the third pairing. For me that guy is Luke Schenn. He can clear the crease and he is not a liability.I like Dermott but he is not developing and he has value as a depth player, as is Ritchie, who is only here still because of the amount of retained salary being demanded IMO. Potential suitors are probably saying something like eat 450 of Ritchies money and send Ho-Sang with him for a stay at home crease clearing shot blocker with some jam. Could be a tough ask.

  • Kevin Marlow

    I'm thinking that this may mean that they are packaging Engvall with someone else like Holl or Dermott for a defenseman. Maybe a package deal along with Ritchie for a mid round draft pick I'm thinking that maybe Engvall for a draft pick so Toronto can recall Liljegren.

  • Gary Lawrence

    I think people are missing mikheyou as a trade piece the leafs have no room to sign him next year package him while there is still a chance to get something for him Robertson can fill his spot if necessary

  • Nathan Westra

    I feel like Ben Chiarot would be the 2nd coming of Mike Komisarek,and that didn't end up well for the Leafs

  • Blood Will Run the Streets

    I learned a few years ago that if you can trade David Clarkson, you can trade anyone.

  • David Emery

    I know nothing is done yet but it's too bad Ritchie didn't work out. His value in the playoffs is higher than the regular season and we will probably not get to see it, and you can't blame the Leafs for trying to clear that contract from their books.

  • Adam P
    Adam P  +2

    I would like to see them bring in Radko Gudas. Florida has so many right handed D they may be open to letting him go.

  • Bronzesnake

    I agree Andrew, this waver pick up only makes sense in the context of other moves sooner rather than later. I also agree, Ben Chiarotten is Ben CerNOT! We already have problems on defense, why compound them?

  • ZZCossack ZZ

    Chiarot was a key piece in Habs going to the Stanley Cup final - facts speak. He was solid against Leafs, rag-dolling Matthews to set the tone with no response from Leafs. Would be a great pick-up.

  • Mike Blasiak

    Great insights, Andy!

  • Martin Klatt

    Package Kerfoot and Holl. Package Mikheyev and Dermott. Package Ritchie and Engvall. 3 options there but have to give up a forward to get rid of the low value players.

  • jrgtml67

    take note also..Keefe had Holl on 3rd pair in practice, media avail, he said don't look too much into that BUT you may see a different look for tomorrow's game...(on D end) gotta think trade, and probably Dermott/Ritchie

  • Ralp Klien

    I agree Andrew, we need a solid defensive guy. We do not need a penalty taking pylon we have Justin Holl for that!

  • glimmo43

    Demelo, Copp and Schenn all 3 please

  • kevinhesspschamp

    i agree demalo would do you well, gudas i was a big fan of when there was talk going off phili a couple years ago and washington grabbed him now hes on florida

  • C_TelKing

    Yea the asking price on Chiarot is a 1st and a prospect. There are much better options out there, Dubas can't swing and miss again after Foligno. This is it, they have to bring in a physical defenseman, maybe two. They don't get heavier it will be a quick out.

  • rob fazekas

    Mark my words leaf nation the leafs won’t do much at all at the deadline best I can see might be schenn or mayfield