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baby #5 gender reveal + OUR REACTIONS to finding out!!!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 19 ม.ค. 2022
  • baby #5 gender reveal + OUR REACTIONS to finding out!!!
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ความคิดเห็น • 1 463

  • Stephanie Cox-Backay

    Thinking back on when I first found Rachelle on TH-clips. She was putting Brynn’s things away…and talking about what she was going to keep, donate, and save for later. The pain and hurt that radiated from that video….I’ll never forget. 🥺 But here we are! 3 babies later and a TRUE MIRACLE has happened right before our eyes! Im so happy for this family! They feel like my extended family 🤣 I’m hoping Emma gets her baby sister🤞🏾….but I’m really feeling like Justin is about to have another mini me running around! 💙

  • Snow
    Snow  +140

    Feels almost like Brynn is coming home to complete the family. Much love!

  • Phil and Alex

    How insanely amazing is this!?!?!? CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎈🎊🎉 Love your fearless spirits to press on through everything. It’s a joy to watch your excitement. Enjoy every minute as this unfolds, friends! ❤️

  • Samantha Woods

    Brynn totally sent this little bundle to you all!! So exciting! Congratulations!!

  • Colleen Richardson

    I started watching you right when you lost Brynn.. such a sad time in your life and hard for us all to watch you go through. My heart is SO happy for you two and the kids! You’re the best parents ever and this baby girl is so lucky to have you two as parents! Congrats! 🎉🍾🎊🎈 I can’t wait to see what she looks like and if she has red hair or not! All your kids are so adorable, so I know she will be as well no matter what! 💖💖

  • rachel saint

    justin’s reaction was so priceless 😭😭 i’ve never seen a dad be so excited about having a girl !! congratulations you guys 💖


    SO EXCITED to watch!! 😍😍😍

  • Lindsay G
    Lindsay G  +43

    CONGRATULATIONS OMG I'M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!! I can't help but feel like this is a genuine miracle, a gift from Brynn, and I can't wait to follow this journey with your family!

  • Marci M
    Marci M  +6

    Awww, congrats on another precious daughter! May she be another ginger with curls! 🥰💕🥰

  • mia
    mia  +75

    Emma, Rueben and Asher are going to be such good big siblings! and i can feel Brynn smiling down from heaven xxx

  • Krissi57
    Krissi57  +12

    Congratulations 🥳!! I'm so excited to see how Emma reacted when she was told!! I'm thrilled to be following your journey with this new baby girl !

  • Amber San Miguel

    This baby is a gift from Brynn I just know it!! So freaking happy. I’ve been watching from the beginning and I LOVE seeing all of your dreams come true. Y’all deserve them and so much more.

  • Grace Frances

    i love this family. Brynn is their angel 👼 Emma is their rainbow 🌈 Asher and Reuben are their surprise twins 🧡 and now this new baby is their miracle ✨

  • Krysten Cumbo

    Congratulations to you both! That's so exciting! I absolutely loved everyone's reactions especially yours and Justin's. I loved when Rachelle said we have 3 girls! I almost balled but so happy for your miracle baby girl that Brynn gave to you from heaven. Emma is going to love having a sister to play with <3

  • Kim Rothe
    Kim Rothe  +29

    Congratulations!! This baby will be so loved. Excited to watch your family grow! This little one is a true miracle sent from Heaven. I guessed right on the gender, but won't give it away for those who haven't watched the video yet :) Can't wait to hear what name you will pick.

  • Haylee t
    Haylee t  +14

    This is just perfect. What a way to wrap up the family. Congratulations you two.

  • Tori Story

    I’m so absolutely happy for you two ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t believe I’ve been watching since Rachelle packed up the nursery after Brynn passed away. I never thought you would be a family of SIX ❤️

  • Courtney Jane

    This was so exciting to watch....your squeal when you read the report was the best!!! I love that you are going to get 2 of each and that Emma is going to get a little sister to help with and play with. I can't wait to see if she's going to look more like Rachelle or Justin either way she will be the cutest new member of your family.

  • Destinee Cole

    I can't wait!!! So excited!!! My favorite people!!! I been here since Miss Brynn!!! I love you guys!!! Can't wait to watch this baby grow up also!!! I'm team healthy!!!💗💙

  • kathy robison

    Yay!! So happy for you guys!!! 2 girls and 2 boys is going to be perfect!!! Praying for a healthy baby girl and pregnancy!💗