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Maple Leafs interested in Luke Schenn?

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 8 ก.พ. 2022
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  • Michael Kirkpatrick

    I'm hoping for more of a top 4 D, either a rental, or with term. Just not confident with Holl back there facing Panthers or the Bolts in the 1st round. They'll eat him alive. What the leafs wind up doing, or not doing will depend on the health of Muzzin. Canucks like Schenn playing with Hughes, they may not want to deal him. No doubt Leafs are finding it to be a challenge to find what they need. Not a lot of fabulous choices. We can all agree that if they don't get a more physical player on the D core, not likely they advance out of the 1st round.

  • Dukes07
    Dukes07  +3

    Honestly, it's a good depth move for sure. I've watched tons of Canucks games and eye test wise, he was performing very well. Defensively sound, no brutal turnovers , has played well off the puck. It's not an earth shattering trade, but he's definitely grown as a player. Whether the Nucks would deal him at this point, who knows? I'm more stunned that there are JT Miller trade rumours, he's been excellent and the most consistent player for them this year.

  • David Emery

    This is more like it. If they can get a responsible depth D man like Schenn and at the same time, unload a little of their payroll that's all I am hoping for this trade deadline.

  • alex x
    alex x  +1

    well he would be good for depth and wouldnt be much to aquire him, i see that being possible for the leafs

  • glimmo43

    Schenn would be good as long as the Leafs get a top 4 defensive dman as well…

  • William Bryant

    At this rate, we’re gonna run out of players to talk about trading for. Before long it’ll just be Crosby or mcdavid

  • John Howard

    I also Believe that Luke Schenn would be a good Pick up . For Toronto, Welcome back Luke.

  • Andrew Persaud

    yoooo Schenn is actually playing mad sick for the Canucks right now. There was a game last week he had 12 hits lol. The issue with Schenn this season is he's more expensive than the past. Back to back cup wins and his usage is high right now.

  • C_TelKing

    Yea OK a decent depth move, but Schenn isn't going to put them over the top. I suspect they're thinking bigger

  • NHL Season Reports 🇺🇦

    where do you get your rumors?

  • Owen Durkin

    My opinion: strength coach Anthony Belza turned Schenn into a lumbering, slow, mass of muscle who lost his value. Getting away from Toronto was good for him and I for one would be glad to see him return. Defense is still a wear and tear position and the lack of aggression on the back end will absolutely hurt Toronto in the playoffs. You don’t need McDavid’s wheels to clear the crease and Schenn can absolutely handle that task.

  • DavyBoy007

    Very good analysis

  • Coach Rob Wille

    It will cost you at least a 3 round pick.

  • jaden ippersiel

    They want a first for Chariot!, Hall went for cheaper than that

  • late
    late  +2

    The Tavares line has been struggling for a while now. Bunting goes in the corners on the top line but nobody on the wing goes hard on the forecheck on the JT line. Schenn would be the perfect #6 d-man. So Kerfoot-Holl and draft picks for Miller and Schenn. Put Sandin on the RD with Muzzin

  • Rawlee W

    Should only be interested in Schenn if he's coming over in a package with JT Miller. LEAFS NEED JT MILLER

  • Leo Bruneau

    Love it sigh him up ex leaf

  • JumboTv

    This is a much better trade than Chiarot.

  • disgustedvet

    They nearly ruined the guy once now leave him alone.