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Maple Leafs acquire Dzingel and Lyubushkin!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 18 ก.พ. 2022
  • Big Leafs trade!

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  • Andrew Piluk Hockey

    Yes I know there is no taxi squad. I was looking at the capfriendly feature. Its just code for “not in the lineup.” Cap situation stays the same. Liljegren can be sent down or they can bury most of Engvalls cap hit.

  • Robbie Robertson

    Love that you jumped on this so quickly, keep up the great work! Die hard leafs fan 😉

  • Terry 3G's

    I have always said lately that I felt Arizona was going to be the perfect fit for richie ... he helps them get to the cap, he also can reboot his career in arizona ... its a win win cenario i feel in this case. And the hopes of dzingle is he gets that same feel like he did when he played in ottawa ... then the leafs get a awesome guy to plug into the 3rd or 4th line.

  • theomega311

    I gotta be honest my dude if it comes down to Lyubushkin, Holl, and Dermott to play on that second pair the best skater and defenseman is The Big Russian Bear every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • Shawn Chappelle

    Id love to know what Dubas is up too,Keerfoot and Engvall would make ok trade bait,throw Buzzin into the mix. I was hoping Dubas would give Ho-Sang an NHL contract so they can bring him up . Keerfoot’s value could attract some attention,he can play centre and the wing. As good as he has been he can’t finish a play,last games goal by him was a beauty,but I think it’s his first goal ,with a goalie in net this season. This team has some holes,tonight was another example of it. Dubas it’s do or die ,let’s stop the bleeding on the back end,Jack can’t do it all!

  • Justin Millett

    This is the perfect partner for Sandin in the 3rd pairing. Now they need to go out and pay big for a puck moving RHD to pair up with Muzzin. Liljgren is the perfect 7th D going into the playoffs but Muzzin needs a legit partner or Dubas hasn’t done enough.

  • Stu G
    Stu G  +7

    I have a feeling dermott will be part of a package for a rental, eg a second and a younger roaster player can be an intriguing package to a rebuilding team… unrelated, but pretty sure taxi squads aren’t a thing post all star game

  • jaden ippersiel

    I expect they will see where Lybushkin slots in, whether 2nd or 3rd pairing and then fill the rest of the D in, great start!!!


    Muzzin-Mayfield seems like a good pairing going into the playoffs!! Make it happen Dub's

  • C_TelKing

    And they said Ritchie was untradable. This can't be it tho they have to do something bigger. This roster isn't winning anything in the playoffs

  • Darrell Spurr

    Lyubushkin maybe a depth player but he will get lots of PK time. Liljegren will go down, he isn't ready yet, close, but the extra time will help him get better. Dzingel has potential but is already put on wavers if he gets to marlies the time their will be good to get his career back on track and offers depth. definately more trades coming.

  • ShawnBlaque

    "But no one would ever take the Ritchie contract" lol nice one Dubas

  • Paul Elliott

    I dont think this moves the needle at all,its a 2 for 1 exchange that comes out about even moneywise and the pick is not really a concern,I think these are depth moves and the add of a forward offsets the loss of Brooks on waivers.I think this is a prelude to another move,

  • LP Quagmire

    Have to feel for Ritchie, being traded to a team with even less chance of winning...

  • Joe Guerra

    They should pickup Manson or mayfield

  • Nicholas Civiero

    I'd think there's another trade.

  • Hurtlocker 66

    LMAO i posted an hour ago on Top Shelf Hockey , and tomorrow Iilya Lubushkin to Toronto, fast forward an hour he is a Leaf, didnt see Ritchie going the other way for him, i like this trade , now find a replacement for Holl please, i cant stand him, he is a turnover machine and always gets beat too the outside.

  • BobLeeeSwaggga

    “Grandparents Gym” said one ever

  • Ax18
    Ax18  +2

    I really want to see Dermott and Holl moved. Also, want to see Liljegren dealt or sent to Marlies. Lyubushkin is ideal for Sandin.

  • jrgtml67

    OK ..simple folks, first off fleeced AZ, second how could we done? so we healthy scratch Dermott/Holl..no chance 1 or both or gone. Lily has to go down to be cap compliant for now. Point is we ain't done