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Maple Leafs trading Holl and Dermott?

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 ก.พ. 2022
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  • jaden ippersiel

    Lybushkin could be Like a D version of Kampf, a player that is not known for offense but can generate some when surrounded by offensive minded players

  • C_TelKing

    They still need a horse. They brought in Ritchie for a heavier brand of hockey for the playoffs, I know he didn't work out, but that void is still there. If they can keep bolstering up the blue line with more size its only going to save their jobs because they will win some rounds.

  • Dave Atkinson

    On the Hagel idea, I'd be concerned with a

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob  +2

    Great video. I certainly expect another move for another depth dman. We need a spare dman for playoffs, in case we lose anybody to injury.

  • Robert Stacey

    I like Pysik as well. Dermot for Pysik straight up. Sabres would get a younger dman and if you have through in a 7th round pick

  • Paul Elliott

    You need 8 D for a deep playoff run,Dubas should add another large D who plays a defensive game.And add a forward who forechecks hard.

  • Robert Ferguson

    But I think Dubas didn’t really mind this one being claimed lol.

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T  +4

    I think Dubas screwed up big time trading Marchment away. The team needs grit and D needs to get better. I would Trade Holl and Dermott. All prospects should be available except Knies.

  • Sj Smooth

    I'd love to see Hertl for Kerfot, Dermot, and a mid-pick or mid level prospect, no knock on Kerfot he's played well this year but Hertl-JT-Willy is more dangerous. Makes too much sense for both teams. Try to fllp Holl and a mid-pick or mid prospect for an upgrade on defense, whomever that may be. Also put Muzzin on LTIR and get him ready for the playoffs, Legit pull a Tampa and Vegas.

  • Andy Denial

    Claimed waivers tells you all you need to know about how theyre viewed by other teams. I think teams are trying to takeaway their depth ;-)

  • Paolo Ricci

    it's really dumb that the deadline is so late.

  • Chad Foster

    They also need a gritty goal scorer for the second line to support JT because let’s be honest, take his name away and just be objective, he’s a third line center at best. But at his salary and being the captain with a no trade clause they will never bump him down… kerfoot is awesome and would suck to loose him but he’s just not going to bring the goals to make up for JT sucking.

  • Barry Calhoun

    Wouldnt the Sharks have given Leafs a 5th or 6th round pick for Dzingle if they had tried to trade him instead of putting him on waivers?

  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye  +2

    Fun Fact: Hagel is the most checked forward in the NHL.

  • theomega311

    Pysyk could be an interesting add, I think too many people took the Zub rumor to heart but I think I would call Columbus and see what Gavrikov would cost, 2.8 million for the next couple of years, could send Dermott or Holl back the other way, and I am sure Columbus has a depth forward Toronto could have.

  • Frank 'Rusty Nailz' FrankRustyNailz on twitter

    Losing Dzingel through waivers makes it seem the leafs paid too much, it's essentially giving Ritchie and a draft pick for lyubushkin, don't mind if they take the 3rd, but, if Arizona takes the 2nd in 2025...the 2nd is too much for Lyubushkin. Having the 2 players justifies better in regards to giving the higher pick. They could have kept Liligren temporarily with the Marlies and seen what Dzingel would have brought and then could have used him as part of a package for something bigger, now the extra asset isn't available.

  • Michael

    I think both Holl and Dermot will be traded and leafs will make a move for a top 4 as you have eluded to. Maybe Giordano to play with Broadie and Riley to play with Lube lol

  • Big Sid
    Big Sid  +2

    Ho-Sang was a wash out at the Olympics. Had a chance to shine but really did not help himself with that effort.

  • Go Leafs Go

    I’ve been talking about hagel since 2021 and now people are finally finding out about him

  • Russell Daye

    By trade deadline they need to aquire a coach!!! 🍁🍁🍁